by Mindless



False realities collapsing on me, it's hard to breathe
Weight on my chest, lay me to rest, it's all I need to be
Beyond a shadow of doubt, can't unsee what i've seen
Six feet under's all I need to be

To feel alive, to live, to love
To see it through until the end
Its hard to breathe, too hard to see
Losing faith, in humanity

I know it's harsh, but it seems my only way out; my only release
Take me out, take me down, take me away
Take my soul from this earth

I've painted the perfect picture of how it all ends today
When all of this pain, built up inside of me, finally goes away
I know its harsh but it seems my only way out; my only release
Aim the barrel, pull the trigger, bullet through my head
Seems like my only release


released March 31, 2013
Recorded and Mixed at Underground Studios.



all rights reserved


Mindless Perth, Australia

Australian hardcore from the most isolated city on Earth

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