From Bad To Worse

by Mindless

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released April 28, 2014

Recorded at Underground Studios
Mixed by Nick Jett
Mastered by Matt Hyde
Artwork by Syzmon Siech
Guest vocals on 'Hostage' by Lachy Pitcher of Reactions



all rights reserved


Mindless Perth, Australia

Australian hardcore from the most isolated city on Earth

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Track Name: USNK
Use your birthright to control the millions
Play your games at the cost of billions
Indulge yourself while your people kneel
At the feet of the monster you can't bring to heel

We sit and watch as the rich get richer
We sit and watch as the end gets nearer
It seems that history rewrites itself
Over and over, again and again

Sacrifice the sons of mothers
You're all as bad as one another
We'll never know if the end get's near
We'll never know if the sky will clear

Ignorance is bliss in your world of autocracy
The words you spit hold no consistency
The flame extinguished, your soul so cold
The odds against you, when will you fold?

This human currency, I fucking can't believe
I never thought I'd be a slave to your policy
Another mindless strike against your profile
For broken promises, I'll be your exile
Bowed to your every need
I never thought I'd succeed
When I swore an oath to put an end to your means
An offence against a mass minority
A hurt that cannot be helped in this economy

War is a crime against humanity
I don't wanna believe in this insanity

Sacrifice the sons of mothers
You're all as bad as one another
We'll never know if the end get's near
We'll never know if the sky will clear

This living hell you all but propagate
The once enslaved are marching on your gates
There'll be no sympathy, for your misery
There'll be no empathy, for your agony
Track Name: The Joker
Its hard to believe everything you are is a joke
You are a mockery, lied to my face but I can see
Through that mask you put on for show
See through that mask you put on for show

I can't believe that you were once so close to me
I trusted you, stood up for the person that I thought I knew
But I was fooled by the joker…
I was fooled, but no longer

No tricks to play or trust to keep
All alone in the shadows, you're the greyest of sheep
Stood amongst a pack of wolves
Biding their time, all ready to leap

You're just a jester
I'm not another face you'll get the best of
I won't play into it
Dealt the bad card, I'm left with nothing to show

Don't deserve no love, no love no more.
There's no encore

Beyond belief, I was fooled by the joker (but no longer)
In the end I lost a friend
Goodbye motherfucker
Track Name: Hostage
Institutionalised, I was locked in a cage
Taught what to believe, page by page
What's best for me, or so you thought
Never released no matter how hard I fought

Put to the test I put ink to page
Sleepless nights and endless days
I slip away I feel my body decay
I cannot keep living my life this way…

Judged against my peers
See if I fit your mould
Those who didn't never had any hope

I tried as hard as I could
You tried to offer a hand
But never had the time for us
Held hostage for twelve years
In a system made to crush

Found solace in substance to burn the chill away
Insecurities beginning to fade
Never thought I would slip below the line
Day-in, day-out, just a waste of time

Judged against my peers
See if I fit your mould
Those who didn't never had any hope
I'll go against the grain
I'm walking through the rain
I'm at the end of my rope

This is the start of the end
Destiny never needed a plan
"Stay on the path or live a life of regret"
I'll prove you wrong every chance I fucking get
Track Name: Bad Omens
I've become so lost in myself
Stuck in a room full of broken mirrors
There's a black cat staring at me
Bad luck clawing at my back

Where do I turn to now?
So much to lose, nothing to gain
Stuck in the middle, with all this pain

Try to find a line between
My reality and the things I dream
So lost waiting for it to come to me
Bad luck, time's taken its toll on me

Never taken one step forward
Always taking one step back
Forever looking over my shoulder
For a past with no future
No future!

So lost waiting for it come to me
Bad luck, time's taken its toll on me
Future is bleak
All I can see is the past behind me
And the demons that haunt me
Time's taken its toll on me

Fuck the shadow on my back
I need to change
Its all the same
Always the same

These are the thoughts that plague my mind
Track Name: Infernus
False realities collapsing on me, it's hard to breathe
Weight on my chest, lay me to rest, it's all I need to be
Beyond a shadow of doubt, can't unsee what i've seen
Six feet under's all I need to be

To feel alive, to live, to love
To see it through until the end
Its hard to breathe, too hard to see
Losing faith, in humanity

I know it's harsh, but it seems my only way out; my only release
Take me out, take me down, take me away
Take my soul from this earth

I've painted the perfect picture of how it all ends today
When all of this pain, built up inside of me, finally goes away
I know its harsh but it seems my only way out; my only release
Aim the barrel, pull the trigger, bullet through my head
Seems like my only release
Track Name: Revelations
Brainwashed by the things you've read
(Some things better left unsaid)
The bank account never shows red
(Living life by a book that's dead)
Your false words cut so deep
(All alone their demons start to creep)
Overshadowed by their greed
(A prisoner to what they preach)

Your hero's a criminal,
Robbing people of their minds of their sanity
When will you see the foe
Who's torn apart one too many families

Your insecurities fabricate truth
Forgot principles to benefit you

On your knees for an idle who's make believe
Fuel for the money-hungry war machines
Innocent blood spilt at the bite of your words
Forced to live by your filth
Forced to suffer your curse

Rewrite the minds of the faithless
Brought them to their knees
You take a weak mind, and fill it with your lies

Need to learn to stand on your feet
And not depend on the mouths of deceit
Can't you feel it? Feel the wrath?
The snake has lead you down the path
Only a matter of time until you fall
Fall into the dirt, you'll slip between the walls
Feel the life slowly fade away
He's caught his grip, there's no escape

The consequence is you'll live the rest of your life
Living in fear, left at the edge of the knife

Don't look to the sky
Look into my eyes
Know there's no afterlife
Death's the end of the ride